Staceye FollowyourDreams Organization



FollowYourDreams is designed to help others become successful entrepreneurs. Our ongoing training is designed to help build confidence, self-esteem and rebuild hope and motivation while improving the quality of lives. Through seminars, fashion shows, volunteer community programs and business interactions with  other successful entrepreneurs, we bring motivation, excitement and entertainment back into the lives of others while helping them establish solid career goals in the model and acting .

What We Do!


STACEYE FOLLOWYOURDREAMS will train you to be the best you can be and connect you with the right people that can help you make it all happen. We'll give you all the tools you need, THE REST IS UP TO YOU! This is "NOT" about asking for money you don't have to build your brand, but give you the tools and connections you need to get you closer without any hidden gimmicks.

FollowYourDreams trains talent throughout the entertainment industry.


Staceye FollowyourDreams has no hidden fees to join her organization. Her main goal is to give back to the less unfortunate who can't afford expensive training and photographs required to build a "Professional Portfolio." We will train you to be prepared for that one opportunity given when Following Your Dream. You will walk away with the confidence and the knowledge it takes to be a Successful Professional Entrepreneur!


Thomas Anthony Jones of the TV Series "Criminal Minds"