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Staceye Beatty is a Model/Actress. Her career began at age 21 and has never stopped. She took a break to become a full-time mother and returned expanding her talents in acting performing Live Theatrical Performances. She obtains a Master's Degree in Business Management and continues to market her talents across the US. Her passion in beauty and self-encouragement continues to motivate others to Follow their Dreams, never give up and "Truly Believe" in yourself. 


Upcoming Events

Staceye  featured in may roles in a powerful Theatrical Performance "Poetry Is Life" in Mesa, AZ Oct 7, 2017. She performed multiple characters throughout the performance: The Queen, Other Woman and Lonely Woman). 

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The New Millennial Mothers For Hire

Staceye believes mothers are now beginning to keep themselves in top shape. They're living longer, looking younger and bringing a variety of new looks to the modeling fashion and glamour industry.


Staceye's favorite quote " Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express. The best or most beautiful thing in the world can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart" -Anonymous

Staceye FollowYourDreams Organization

About Our Organization


FollowYourDreams is designed to help others become successful entrepreneurs. Our ongoing training is designed to help build confidence, self-esteem and rebuild hope and motivation while improving the quality of lives. Through seminars, fashion shows, volunteer community programs and business interactions with  other successful entrepreneurs, we bring motivation and excitement back into the lives of others while helping them establish solid career goals. 



As a board member of Jay Curtis Film Industry Mixer and JayCaz 48 Films, Staceye seeks to find and promote new  talent throughout the Phoenix  metropolitan area. Providing many opportunities for upcoming talent to interact with prominent names in the film industry, we offers additional opportunities to appear in short films with JayCaz 48 Films receiving IMBd credits, while providing exposure and additional opportunities to help boost careers.

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Staceye FollowYourDreams is not an Talent Agency, Scout or part of any Union. We are a Non-Profit Organization looking to help others who can not afford expensive training to help you build your portfolio. 

Building Brands


Our mission is to help all ages follow their dreams and build brands . With training as early as 5yrs old, we believe everyone has something to bring to the industry of glamour and beauty. 

'Mission Statement'

"When You Believe, You Will Succeed!"   

Art Model

Scottsdale School of Arts

In my spair time after a long day of photo shoots and auditions, I enjoy listening to calming music, while posing still for various artist. The ability to catch the deepest part of my inner thoughts, at that very moment,  illuminates a true expression of Art. Which  is beauty in itself!